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Christmas Mass times
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St. Mark Emporium Church

Welcome To St. Mark Parish

Second Week of Advent
The season of Advent stands at the beginning of the liturgical year and, like John the Baptist, points a finger forward.  One might ask: How will this entire year prepare us for Christ's coming at the end of time?  How shall we live in this time between the first and second comings of Christ?  What sort of persons shall we be?  The year ahead is full of potential, challenge, and concrete opportunities for decision.  How will our lives this year help to make the world a more just and loving place,
so that when Christ comes again he will find us ready?
Advent interjects a note of tension and anticipation into our spiritual lives.

Heads up!     Pay attention!

Community Christmas Service
December 14  -  7:00 pm
Presbyterian Church
Rev. Joe Short will present the sermon

St Mark Penance Service

December 16.  3:00 pm
Several priests from the area, along with Fr. Paul, we be on hand for confessions.

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